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Hanan Enterprise does not intend to diagnosis, cure or treat disease. Please talk to your healthcare practitioner before incorporating supplements. 


Cal-Mag Combo


Who can benefit from this product?

• Those individuals that are calcium deficient.

• Women in particular over the age of 40.

• Those that are looking to increase bone density.

• Individuals that suffer from osteoarthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis.

• Those who have fractures and are looking to heal. As our calcium magnesium combo features not only calcium and magnesium but vitamin K2 and a whole host of other minerals that help to increase bone density and strengthen bones.



No known contra-indications at this time.


Product care

Please use the product regularly once opened. If you find that the capsule has been broken, please return the product and we will replace.


Partner Products

We suggest following an alkaline diet, as it is very important. If there is too much acidity within the system, the organs will pull calcium from the bones to help buffer. You can google an alkaline diet and we suggest eating 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. You can also purchase Ph stripes and test your acidity level at the same time daily to have a be_er idea. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.



Elemental Calcium from Citrate and M.C.H.C    1500 mg

Elemental Magnesium from Citrate                       500 mg

Phosphorus                                                               248 mg

Boron Citrate                                                                3 mg

Elemental Zinc Citrate                                                 5 mg

Vitamin C from Rosehip                                             50 mg

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