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Joint Flex Pain Free & Rejuvenate


Hanan Enterprise does not intend to diagnosis, cure or treat disease. Please talk to your healthcare practitioner before incorporating supplements. 


Who can benefit from this product? 

Joint Flex Pain Free & Rebuild 

Hanan Enterprise does not intend to cure, diagnosis or treat disease. Please talk to your health care practitioner before incorporating supplements.

Who can benefit from this product? 

• Athletes

• Those individuals suffering from wear and tear joint pain.

• Those suffering from arthritis, in particular, Osteoarthritis or chronic injury of the joints.



No known contra-indications at this time, unless the individual has a reaction to one of the ingredients.


Partner Products:

For those individuals suffering from chronic or acute pain, please see our curcumin 95, which is an amazing anti-inflammatory that works on the CO2 inhibitors in the bloodstream which greatly reduces inflammation and helps with pain. We suggest 2 capsules once to three times daily with a small snack. We also suggest taking 2 tablespoons daily of collagen or chicken cartilage with food. We also recommend following a low inflammation diet. Some suggestions include an alkaline diet or a low histamine diet. Some individuals that suffer from joint pain may also be protein deficient. We suggest looking into making sure that you have half the grams of your weight daily for protein. Also, make sure you are drinking enough water.


Suggested Usage:

One capsule three times per day for the first week, then reduce to two capsules twice per week..



Each capsule contains: 




Non-medical ingredients: Rice Starch, Vegetarian Capsule (Carbohydrate Gum [Cellulose], Purified Water, Silica), Vegetable Grade Magnesium Stearate



Consult with your health care provider before using this product or any other product. If nursing / pregnant, taking medication or have any other medical condition consult with your health practitioner. Keep away from children. This product contains NO yeast, dairy, corn, gluten or any artificial preservative. This product is sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken. Guaranteed for Purity and Content

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